Bringing Cricket Flour to the Public – Seek Food Kickstarter Makes News

Woo hoo – the edible insect world just took a major step forward today!

Check out Seek Food’s new Kickstarter campaign. They are working with an insanely talented team of award-winning chefs to launch a line of baking flours targeted to specific dietary needs and an accompanying world-class cookbook. Over the past year, they’ve learned a ton about how chefs, bakers, and customers everywhere incorporate bugs into their diets. Now they’re putting that research to use:


They have three blended flours that can be used cup-for-cup in your favorite recipes: All-Purpose, Gluten-Free, and Paleo, along with good ‘ol Pure Cricket Protein Power (which they say is great for the keto diet.)

Why choose crickets? Crickets are a super sustainable form of protein and are much easier on the environment than traditional livestock:

source: Seek Food

They are one of the oldest and most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Not all protein is created equal, but crickets are a complete protein, meaning they contain all nine essential amino acids necessary for optimal body function, which is rare for a non-meat food.

source: Seek Food

Crickets are full of additional nutrients as well, such as fiber, calcium, omega 3’s and B12. According to Seek Food:

  • PROTEIN | Crickets have 2x more protein than beef! They are also a complete protein, meaning they contain all the amino acids we need to stay strong and healthy, a rarity for a non-meat food.
  • CALCIUM | Crickets have 1.5x more calcium than milk! We need calcium not only for strong and healthy bones, but to keep other parts of the body like our muscles and heart healthy too.
  • IRON | Crickets have 15% more iron than spinach! Without enough iron, we lose energy, as it helps transport oxygen to our lungs and throughout our entire body.
  • FIBER | Fiber can help lower cholesterol and prevent diabetes and heart disease.
  •  OMEGA 3’S | Crickets have as much omega 3’s as salmon! Omega 3’s help us by known for managing heart disease, arthritis and blood pressure.
  • B12 | B12 is a wonder nutrient as it has positive effects on moods, energy, memory, skin and digestion.
  • MAGNESIUM | Magnesium helps to quiet the nervous system and prepare your mind and body for sleep. It also regulates muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure.
source: Seek Food

Some researches think that crickets contain immunity-boosting nutrients as well.

Each bag of their All-Purpose Cricket Flour, for example, contains 40% more protein, 15% more fiber, and 65% more calcium than the leading all-purpose flour. Their Pure Cricket Powder delivers 14g of protein per 21g serving size.

They will be using the product to create original recipes for an incredible cookbook, made in collaboration with a stellar line up of culinary professionals. This group includes James Beard Award Winners, Michelin Star Chefs, and Cooking Show Contestants.

For “The Cricket Cookbook,” each of the chefs will be creating an original recipe using one of the cricket flours to show both the versatility and deliciousness that crickets have to offer.



Seek Foods is inviting folks to contribute to their campaign to help course-correct the direction of our global nutrition habits. Please help support this campaign today!

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