My name is aly, and i eat bugs.

I’ll be your host as we explore the alternative world of critter cuisine! In the show Cooking with Critters, on the Bugible.com blog, and through the different tasting events I host, it’s my hope that I can convince folks to try their first bug. Bugible has a mission: To open minds and mouths to a healthier, yummier, more diverse future.

Aly Moore Bugible

Bugs aren’t the only solution to our global food challenges, but they’re a BIG part of it. And they’re certainly a provocative way to steer the conversation back to the facts: what we eat impacts our bodies and the environment. Some fun food framing will help us transform fear of the unknown into excitement for the unexplored. Join the adventures in the wonderful world of bug-eating. To have a big impact on the future… it’s time to think smaller.


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