My name is aly, and i eat bugs.

I’ll be your host as we explore the alternative world of critter cuisine! ūüĒć Your guide beyond the wonders of eating bugs into a more sustainable, nutritious, diverse, and delicious future.¬†

Whether I’m crafting curriculums for culinary schools or universities, partnering with voices like Bill Nye or Vice Media, co-hosting events with partners ranging from science centers to vineyards, hosting shows like “Cooking with Critters,” consulting for bug brands or investors curious about the industry, collaborating with trade organizations, or just creating content for the Bugible Blog or Instagram

… I’m on a mission to open minds and mouths. To replace fear of the unknown with curiosity to explore. To serve growing appetites for adventure in the insect industry.

Aly Moore Bugible

Bugs aren‚Äôt the only solution to our global food challenges, but they‚Äôre a BIG part of it. And they‚Äôre certainly a provocative way to steer the conversation back to the facts: what we eat impacts our bodies and the environment. To have a big impact on the future‚Ķ it’s time to think smaller.

What started as a blog is now my life’s passion – I’m here to support the family of friends I’ve made in this incredible space. Welcome!

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