Curating Your Bug-Eating Journey.

Curious about bugs but unsure of where to buy them?

I’ve curated lists to make your bug-eating journey as simple as possible, whether that’s recommending trusted bug suppliers, sharing discounts, or guiding you through products by topic. See below for the Bugible Amazon Storefront, featured brands sorted by topic, and a more general list of bug brands. 


Visit my curated Amazon bug product lists. I’m still growing these, and I receive affiliate commissions. 

Featured topics:

Wholesale Cricket Powder from Chapul: Click here to shop and tell them Aly sent you!

Bug-based pet food can meet consumers’ demands for more humanely raised, sustainable, and nutritious protein sources.

Click here to shop Bugible’s Amazon pet food list. 

Read More: How cricket-based dog food supports healthy dog gut microbes;  how bugs are safe alternatives for furry friends with food sensitivities

Best in Beef Replacement: FUNA Foods. Click here to shop. (Use code “Bugible” for 10% off.)

Best in Product & Branding Innovation: hi! human improvement. Click here to shop. (Use code “BUGIBLE20” for 20% off.)

Best in Beauty Innovation: Point68 Face Serum. Click here to shop. (Use code “Bugible” for 10% off.)

Newly Added:

Company Description
FUNA Foods

A meatless beef replacement. Use code BUGIBLE for 10% off all products.

Mighty Cricket

Healthy. Sustainable. Delicious. Live MIGHTY with clean protein powder in flavored oatmeals, pancakes & protein shakes.

hi! human improvement

Sustainable protein powder that’s good for the planet and easy on your gut. Innovation at it’s FINEST. Use the code BUGIBLE20 for 20% off all protein products.

Harmony Cricket Farm

Gluten, Nut, & GMO Free foods are fueled with protein and nutrient rich cricket flour.

Merci Mercado

Use code BUGIBLE for 10% off all products.

Entomo Farms Premium crickets, mealworms, and more. Use code “bugible” for 15% off purchases.  Use code BUGIBLE for 15% off all products.
Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch Products Use code BUGIBLEROCKS for 20% off all products.
Earth Proof Protein The earthproof proteins – like their new cricket powder blends – sustain you and the environment, so you feel good about fueling up! 
21bites  European site for edible insect products (use code BUGIBLE_5 for 5% off!)
Aketta Crickets  Crickets and cricket powder. 
Aldento Based in Belgium, this company provides pasta made from insects. 
Armstrong One of the first big cricket farms. 
Bite Snacks  Energy Bars & Protein Powder with sustainable cricket protein. 
Bitty Foods  Delicious foods made with high protein cricket flour.
Bug Foundation Bug Burgers. 
Bugsolutely  Cricket Pasta.
Chapul  Cricket protein bars. Use code “bugible” for 10% off purchase.
Chirps Chips  Chips made from crickets (use code BUGIBLE for 10% off anything on the site.)
Cornish Edible Insects  Producing insects for human consumption.
Cowboy Cricket Farms  Montana’s First Edible Insect Farm. 
Cricket Flours Supplying a cricket based protein powder.
Crunchy Critters  A UK supplier of edible insects.
Delibugs  Danish edible bugs for sale.
Don Bugito A San Francisco based company focused on edible insects in savory and sweet flavors. 
Eat Grub  A UK company creating bars and other bug consumer products. 
Ento Foods  Insect granolas and more. 
Ento Market  A wide variety of edible insect products.​
Exo  Cricket protein bars.
Fit Cricket  Cricket-based powders and energy bars (Use code BUGIBLE15 for 15% off.)
Flourish Farms  Whole crispy crickets and 100% cricket protein powder (use code BUGIBLE for 15% off purchases.)
Green Kow  Belgium company offering products with edible insects.
Grilo Protein  Australian-based organic cricket bars.
Gub Gub  Delivering “earthproof” proteins through cricket powder products that taste great! 
Gyro Bars  French insect bars.

Candy made with critters.

Insecto  Offering edible insects to eat and cook with.
Jimini’s  French edible insects and consumer products. 
Jurassic Snacks Sustainable insect meals for the active types among us (use code BUGIBLE for 15% off the cricket powder and peanut butter products!)
Marx Foods Exotic foods, including insects. 
Micronutris  A french company selling a variety of edible insect products. 
Naak Bar  Insect protein bar for athletes. 
Next Food Sustainable, edible insects from Thailand. 
Samu by EntoCube A Nordic leader in insect farming solutions and cricket food products. 
Seek Food  Cricket snack bites and baking flours (use code BUGIBLE for free shipping on your first order.)
Seginus Farms Healthy cricket products and powders. 
SEQ Foods European energy bars made from crickets.
Spiselige Insekter (danish translation of edible insects) – Selling mealworm snacks, insect flour, protein bars, chocolate with insects etc.
Sustainable Boost  An innovative approach to developing nutritionally dense foods, which are locally and sustainably farmed. 
​Swarm Protein Protein bars made from insects.
Thailand Unique Varieties of edible insects (use code ALYMOORE for 10% off.)
The Critter Depot  They raise and sell crickets and superworms for pets (and sometimes human consumption).
The Edible Bug Shop  Edible insects and consumer products for sale. 
Wholi Foods  Danish company offering products like cricket and mealworm squares. 
Yumpa Bar  Cricket protein bars. 

Other companies working with bugs.


  • Agriprotein – Leading a new industry called nutrient recycling.
  • Anteater – NZ’s supplier of premium edible insects. Wholesale B2B supplier of products like ants, locusts, and grubs. 
  • Bugalicious – A website about bugs as food for humans. 
  • Bug Appetit – A venue with events with insects. 
  • Bugatarian – adorable website with recipes. 
  • Bugbon – A website about cooking with bugs. 
  • Bug Vivant – Welcome to your online culinary hub for edible insect recipes, product reviews, events and much more.
  • Detroit Ento – A sustainable urban protein firm focusing on locally reared insects for food and feed. 
  • Edible Bug Farm – Information for revolutionizing insect farming.
  • Enterra – Nature’s nutrient renewal experts. 
  • EntoCube – A Nordic leader in insect farming solutions and cricket food products. 
  • – The resource on where to eat bugs in restaurants. 
  • Entomotech – An R&D company focused on the industrial application of arthropods.
  • EntoNation Podcast – Bringing all things ento-tainment related your way in podcast form!
  • Entotech – Distribution company for edible insects. 
  • Enviroflight – Using insects in sustainable nutrition. 
  • Girl Meets Bug – Daniella Martin is the host of Girl Meets Bug, the insect cooking/travel show.
  • Chef PV – A wonderful man cooking up bugs. 
  • GOTERRA – Using insects as Australian farm feed. 
  • GREEiNSECT – Contributes to research capacity building in Kenya by supporting PhD studies in the fields of insect production, food product development, and economy.
  • Grub Kitchen – A kitchen where insects are always on the menu.
  • Inspro Foods – Exciting approaches to novel insect protein products.
  • Khepri – Goal to manufacture edible insect products. 
  • Kreca – A proti-farm company. 
  • Little Herds – An Austin nonprofit organization educating the next generation about the environmental and health benefits of edible insects.
  • LIVIN  – The world’s first desktop hive for edible insects.
  • Mad Agriculture – A centre for regenerative agriculture.  
  • MealFlour –  A social enterprise with the mission to empower communities to prevent the serious health problems related to protein deficiency while acknowledging the interconnected issues of low income and environmental impact in Guatemala.
  • MIGHTi – The mission to improve global health through insects. 
  • Next Protein – Developing a new technology to produce a sustainable source of cricket protein.
  • Nordic Food Labs – a non-profit, open-source organisation that investigates food diversity and deliciousness.
  • Nordic Insect Economy – Edible insect solutions. 
  • Open Bug Farm – An innovation platform to stimulate interaction between farmers, researchers and hobbyists who want to change the world with edible insects.
  • Proti-Farm– Danish insect feeding.
  • Protix – Produces, processes, and supplies high-quality insect products.
  • Rainbow Meal Worms – LA based insect farm. ​
  • Rebel Food Tasmania – Growing insects from local food leftovers. 
  • Tiny Farms – Pioneering smart, scalable insect farming.
  • The Bug Chef – David George Gordon. 
  • The Bug Project – Explore sustainable & environmentally-friendly ways to thrive.
  • Tomorrow’s Harvest – A family getting started in cricket farming
  • uKa Proteine – French edible bugs for sale.
  • Wonder Worm Woman – Laura offers edible mealworms for sale. 
  • Ynsect – A company dedicated to using insects to bioconvert organic substrates, such as cereal byproducts, to transform them into sustainable nutrient resources for agro-industries and bioactive compounds for green chemistry.
  • Borough Box – A site selling fine food and drink from hundreds of independent food and drink producers across the UK. 
  • B34 Steak & Burger House – Brussels based restaurant offering meats of the world and beyond. Proudly selling the Bux bug burger.