I'm Aly Moore, and I eat bugs.

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After studying public health at Yale University, Aly Moore went on to found and scale startups in the entertainment and technology spaces. To stay connected to her passion for public health, she started a blog called Bugible.com (blog) to support the growing insect agriculture industry that captivated her heart. Since 2012, Bugible has grown a cult following on Instagram (@bugible) and evolved into a strategic consulting and public advocate platform to educate broader audiences with sensational events like Bug & Wine Pairings, Bug Dinners, & Bug Cooking Classes. Since, Bugible has become the leading PR authority for the insect agriculture industry, appearing on Netflix’s Bill Nye, Food & Wine, Forbes, & others. Today, Bugible focuses on continuing to spread awareness about other sustainable and nutritious potential of bugs through collaborations with institutions of all kinds from the International Culinary Center, Yale University, Parks & Recreation Districts, or even the Girl Scouts of America.




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