Meet the Man Making Beer Salt Out of Crickets

"It's a seasoning blend made with roasted ground cricket, sea salt and spices. Made by none other than myself. It works really well as a beer salt." - Mark Nagy.  Mark - my man - you've truly outdone yourself! After my interview with with the Cadesky brothers about their mouth-watering bolognese sauce, I've been obsessed with [...]

Insects as Ingredients: One Hop Kitchen Revolutionizes Bolognese Sauce

Big. Bold. Beautiful. Saucy. I could easily be describing your dream girl. Or I could be lauding the incredible flavor profile of my new favorite bolognese sauces. One Hop Kitchen has created the world's first best, and only insect based bolognese sauce using crickets and mealworms. As they tout on their website, their sauces have [...]

15 Reasons Why People Who Eat Insects Are Saving The World and Themselves

1. Insects are more sustainable and ethical than chicken, pork, or beef...maybe even fish! 2. The UN has advocated for eating insects 3. Growing grain and then feeding it to animals so we can in turn eat them is incredibly inefficient. 4. Insects require much less land to raise and they are cold-blooded, so they require less feed [...]