Edible Insect Trade Group Advocates Support for Insect Agriculture – NACIA Responds to efforts by Senators Flake and Cortez Masto to Prohibit USDA Subsidies for Insect Agriculture

The North American Coalition for Insect Agriculture (NACIA) responds to efforts by Senators Flake and Cortez Masto to prohibit USDA subsidies for Insect Agriculture December 17, 2018: Global interest in Insects as Food and Feed was sparked by the 2013 release of a report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN FAO): Edible [...]

The International Culinary Center To Host First Cooking with Bugs Class + Why This Is Important!

I'm elated to announce words my mother never thought she would hear: I'll be partnering with the International Culinary Center (ICC) for a class titled "How & Why We Eat Bugs."

Bringing Cricket Flour to the Public – Seek Food Kickstarter Makes News

Woo hoo - the edible insect world just took a major step forward today! Check out Seek Food's new Kickstarter campaign. They are working with an insanely talented team of award-winning chefs to launch a line of baking flours targeted to specific dietary needs and an accompanying world-class cookbook. Over the past year, they've learned a [...]

Cricket Tacos Recipe

There's nothing like a deliciously cooked taco. The warm tortillas, the crisp lettuce, the perfectly-melted cheese, and the main ingredient: crickets. Today I want to share with you one of my favorite spins on a classic taco - the cricket taco. Not only is it healthier (crickets are a more sustainable and more nutritious protein [...]