How to Get People to Try Insects for the First Time: A Tale of Birthday Bugs

It's with a happy heart and an older soul that I write this particular post. It's a post of gratitude to my friends and family who gathered around last weekend for some birthday festivities. I asked them not to come bearing gifts, but an open mind instead. I asked them to try crickets with me for [...]

The Future of Sports Nutrition May Contain Insects

What do you get when you combine a shared passion for outdoor sports, nature, and healthy food? Fit people. Fit people who have great ideas... like making protein bars out of crickets. William Walcker, Minh-Anh Pham, and Antoine Domergue are the three men who woke up one morning and decided they would make protein bars [...]

First To Market – What it Means for Edible Insect Companies

  The horizon is vast, and the journey will be long, but I'm excited so many edible insect companies are coming along! Wendy Lu McGill, CEO of Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch, made a great point during her presentation at Eating Insects Detroit. She mentioned that most of the entomo-enthusiasts in the room had something in common: they [...]

Meet the Man Making Beer Salt Out of Crickets

"It's a seasoning blend made with roasted ground cricket, sea salt and spices. Made by none other than myself. It works really well as a beer salt." - Mark Nagy.  Mark - my man - you've truly outdone yourself! After my interview with with the Cadesky brothers about their mouth-watering bolognese sauce, I've been obsessed with [...]

Collaboration is Key For Future of Edible Insect Regulations

Class is in session! The rustling of eager students settling into their seats softened as the lights in the auditorium dimmed. "Let's set the stage to discuss the U.S. regulation of insect-derived foods," began Ricardo Carvajal, director at Hyman, Phelps & McNamara. He was about to take us on a journey touching on what is [...]

Insects as Ingredients: One Hop Kitchen Revolutionizes Bolognese Sauce

Big. Bold. Beautiful. Saucy. I could easily be describing your dream girl. Or I could be lauding the incredible flavor profile of my new favorite bolognese sauces. One Hop Kitchen has created the world's first best, and only insect based bolognese sauce using crickets and mealworms. As they tout on their website, their sauces have [...]