Cooking with Critters Series


Aly Moore is America’s foremost advocate and educator in the growing insect agriculture industry. In other words, she eats bugs and is on a mission to get others to open their minds and mouths, too. 

With the spunk of Guy Fieri and the unflinching curiosity of Anthony Bourdain, Aly immerses herself into cultures that have been cooking bugs for ages.  

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I’ll be your host as we explore the alternative world of critter cuisine! In each 10 – 15 minute episode, we’ll explore the wonderful world of bug-eating. With the global food challenges facing our society today – from supply chain disruption to declining biodiversity to growing world hunger – it’s time to think smaller. Bugs aren’t the only solution to our growing global food challenges, but they’re a BIG part of it. And they’re certainly a provocative way to steer the conversation back to the facts: what we eat impacts our bodies and the environment. 

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In the first season of “Cooking with Critters”, host Aly Moore takes us on a fun and fascinating journey to incorporate bugs as a part of our daily diet. We learn how bugs are a smarter substitute for protein, as well as the added benefit of being better for the planet. Aly shows us how to take some culinary classics and make them not only delicious, but super nutritious. And as an added bonus, she breaks down the health benefits of bugs and what they taste like.

The first season of “Cooking with Critters” is filled with 7 zesty episodes. After Aly educates you on bug sustainability, we dive into the deliciousness of adding insects to some of your favorite dishes. Our favs are:

  • Cowboy Caviar = Critter Caviar
  • Fudge Mallows = Silkworm Fudge Mallows
  • Bloody Mary = Buggy Mary

And there’s a whole lot more. Season 1 was a ton of fun, but Season 2 is looking to be “Bugtastic”!!

Premiered on the ON! Channel August 2020.