The Future of Sports Nutrition May Contain Insects

What do you get when you combine a shared passion for outdoor sports, nature, and healthy food? Fit people. Fit people who have great ideas... like making protein bars out of crickets. William Walcker, Minh-Anh Pham, and Antoine Domergue are the three men who woke up one morning and decided they would make protein bars [...]

Entomophagy Spurs Holistic Health

A Look into Cricket Flour's Relationship with the Environment, Nutrition, and GMOs. I had the good fortune of speaking with Jarrod Goldin, one of the founders of Next Millennium Farms, to better understand what’s occurring on the ground level of the incredible entomophagy movement gaining popularity.  Next Millennium farms is leading the protein revolution with a [...]

Crickets and the California Water Crisis

Why Governments Should Incentivize Insect Farming Earlier this week, we heard Jarrod’s views on the future of FDA regulations for insects. On the whole, it seems that ento-foods are on the road to being GRAS – generally recognized as safe. But regulation is not the only way the government will (or SHOULD) be involved in the [...]

The Future of Cricket Farming and the REAL Value of Crickets as told by Next Millennium Farms

Earlier this week, we heard Jarrod’s views on how cricket farming might help with the California water crisis. Crickets are clearly a more sustainable protein resource than things like red meat or almonds. Today, Jarrod of Next Millennium Farms continues to share what might bring the price of cricket farming down and what the true nutritional value of crickets is: [...]