The Future of Cricket Farming and the REAL Value of Crickets as told by Next Millennium Farms

Earlier this week, we heard Jarrod’s views on how cricket farming might help with the California water crisis. Crickets are clearly a more sustainable protein resource than things like red meat or almonds. Today, Jarrod of Next Millennium Farms continues to share what might bring the price of cricket farming down and what the true nutritional value of crickets is: [...]

The Importance of Spurring Ento-Innovation

Insects have the potential to become an excellent famine-relief product. The thing is, not enough time or effort has been put into insect product practices by today's entrepreneurs. [Insect] production practices are just too expensive. Everything from how we farm them to how we render them into a food product can be exponentially improved.” —Harman [...]

Why is Insect Farming Slow to Industrialize?

Ok, ok... if eating insects is so good for you and is being done in countries all over the world, why haven't we seen more progress in the industry? Why are crickets still more expensive than other forms of protein?   I spoke with Dr. Aaron T. Dossey , President, Founder and Owner of All Things Bugs LLC - a [...]