Collaboration is Key For Future of Edible Insect Regulations

Class is in session! The rustling of eager students settling into their seats softened as the lights in the auditorium dimmed. "Let's set the stage to discuss the U.S. regulation of insect-derived foods," began Ricardo Carvajal, director at Hyman, Phelps & McNamara. He was about to take us on a journey touching on what is [...]

Researching Insects for Malnutrition: Where Will Entomophagy Have the Biggest Impact?

I love when someone rocks my world with a new point of view, it's a good day. A great day. Darja Dobermann provided that when she suggested we might be focusing our marketing efforts of entomophagy in the wrong areas. Well, not the wrong areas... but not the most effective ones. We already have countries [...]

Insects, Italian Cuisine, and “Natural Remedies”

And entomophagy continues to collect momentum in the press! The Digital Journal released a nice piece a few days ago titled, "Are insects better than Italian cuisine? Some people think so!" In it, they discussed a valid point: what we consider food is largely influenced by culture. Something completely normal to you may be offensively gross to [...]

Reinventing Entomophagy for the 21st Century

I don't know about you, but it makes me thrilled when I read about entomophagy more and more in popular media sites. The Huffington Post released an article today about reinventing entomophagy for the 21st century, and I couldn't agree more. "'Entomophagy is an evolving term in need of review," says Afton Marina Szasz Halloran, Ph.D Fellow [...]

Tiny Farms on Regulations, Barriers to Entry, and the Technical Side of Insect Farming

After being virtually introduced by a distant mutual friend, Jena and I hit it off quickly. Owner and brains behind Tiny Farms, Jena was witty, driven, and a joy to speak with. Tiny Farms is a San Francisco based startup working on pioneering smart, scalable insect farming. We hopped on a call to discuss data, crickets, [...]

Coalo Valley Farms: The Open Source Farm

I called to talk about crickets, but ended up with plenty to think about regarding company culture, the future of innovation, serendipity, and even artificial intelligence! Coalo Valley Farms has a lot going for it, especially strong leadership. A little more about Coalo Valley Farms: Coalo Valley Farms is an urban cricket farm focused on the [...]

Entomophagy Spurs Holistic Health

A Look into Cricket Flour's Relationship with the Environment, Nutrition, and GMOs. I had the good fortune of speaking with Jarrod Goldin, one of the founders of Next Millennium Farms, to better understand what’s occurring on the ground level of the incredible entomophagy movement gaining popularity.  Next Millennium farms is leading the protein revolution with a [...]

Meat, Meet Bugs

The average American eats over 70lbs of red meat each year. I'm not quite that carnivorous but I definitely indulge in my share of beef stew and burgers. It's awesome that consumers are now looking for their animal products to be "grass-fed" and "cage-free," but the vast majority of meat here is still "conventionally raised" (quite the [...]

15 Reasons Why People Who Eat Insects Are Saving The World and Themselves

1. Insects are more sustainable and ethical than chicken, pork, or beef...maybe even fish! 2. The UN has advocated for eating insects 3. Growing grain and then feeding it to animals so we can in turn eat them is incredibly inefficient. 4. Insects require much less land to raise and they are cold-blooded, so they require less feed [...]