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Bugible started off as a platform for me to share what I learned about the edible insect community in blog-format. Since, I’ve expanded into a destination for consulting on branding and content.

What do you do?

As much as I’d like to pretend that I play with bugs all day, I do have a day-job… and it’s pretty dope. I built and spend my days working on marketing and content for the studios, celebrities, and digital influencers in Hollywood.

This positions me to help entomophagy brands position themselves strategically amongst influencers in pop culture.

Hit me up for:

  • Writing a blog article about your brand for PR purposes
  • Hosting events in the LA area to build street cred
  • Connecting with influencers on Instagram / YouTube posts
  • Consulting on business models / branding / marketing strategies
  • Connecting to others in the entomo community
  • Sending out samples
  • Web dev / graphics projects
  • Sales / distribution: getting your product in the hands of local chefs / restaurants
  • Being friends 😉

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